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Here are some of the exhibitors and private owners of EVs at the EV-ent. 

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Malcolm Street - Private Owner
Nissan Leaf e+


More details of EV from Malcolm HERE
Malcolm says:

"Purchased June 2022 as ex-Nissan Australia demonstrator with 260km on the clock! 62kWh battery, 385km range (WLTP). I love my Leaf because:
- it's quiet, effortless and responsive
- it's a roomy, comfortable, practical, well equipped family hatch
- low maintenance requirements
- I can "refuel" at home, either from our PV array or from the ACT's 100% net zero CO2 electricity grid
- it has Vehicle-to-Grid capability, for eventually doubling as a home battery and being as much part of our home energy environment as a means of transport"


Ross Martin - Private Owner
Fonzarelli NKDx - 2022

7kW battery, 12kW motor & range approx 100km

 Ross says:
"I love my FONZ firstly for the fun factor, which is why I ride motorcycles. The FONZ is light, handles beautifully with it’s low centre of gravity, is smooth and quiet and accelerates like you wouldn’t believe.
Secondly it runs literally on sunshine being charged by my solar system.
Thirdly it is great to support an Australian owned and made product.
Last but by no means least is Zero emissions. Put all this together it means I feel good whenever I ride my Fonzarelli NKDx."

Oliver Webb.jpg

Oliver Webb - Private Owner
Converted 1997 Suzuki Vitara JX 2dr (Oliver is an enthusiast who converted vehicle to an EV)

More details on Oliver's EV conversion

 Oliver says:
"This car is my everyday driver mostly around town and commuting. It is great for 90% of driving trips and it is FAST. I use only one gear (3rd) around town, up to 75km/h, and 4th/5th for highway speeds. It is simple and smooth to drive, requires no warm-up, and does not incur any motor damage doing multiple short trips, unlike a combustion engine. The best part is now I know how to build an EV!"



Cnr Gippsland St and Park Rd JINDABYNE

-- NEW Store
-- Bike Hire
-- Bike Repairs/Servicing


YOZ-37C-Richard Czumak.jpeg

Richard Czumak - Private Owner
Nissan Leaf Hatchback - 2021

 Richard says:
I love my EV because:

- It is smooth, silent and efficient

- It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned

- It is packed with safety features

- Best of all it is not contributing to CO2 emissions when I drive it!!!"


Peter Campbell - Private Owner
Hyundai Kona - 2019

64kWh battery, 449km WLTP range

 Peter says:
"This is our only car. It does all we need from local driving to longer trips away, including towing our camper trailer. It’s comfortable, efficient, cheap and clean to run and smooth and easy to drive with ample power."


Warwick Cathro - Private Owner


More details of EV from Warwick HERE
Warwick says:
"I love my EV because:

-- I am happy driving an emissions-free car

-- It is quiet, smooth and powerful: a pleasure to drive

-- I can carry an impressively large load when folding the rear sets forward

-- I am saving $2000 per year on running costs.


See "Sponsors" page

02 6185 7111

Exhibits at EV-ent:

  • Peugeot e-2008 

  • Honda-e and 

  • Nissan Leaf 40kW

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